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Call for abstracts

It is our great pleasure to invite you to take part in the 4th International Conference on Hyperacusis (ICH4) by submitting an abstract for a presentation.

Suggested topics:

  • Causes, mechanism, diagnosis and treatment of hyperacusis
  • Hyperacusis and disability
  • Improving access to health, education, and social services for people with hyperacusis
  • Misophonia, Annoyance hyperacusis, 4S (Selective/Soft Sound Sensitivity Syndrome)
  • Noise anxiety
  • Noise sensitivity
  • Noise and health
  • The relationship between hyperacusis and tinnitus
  • Experimental studies and models
  • Loudness Discomfort Levels
  • Evaluating impact of hyperacusis using self-report questionnaires

Abstract Submission deadline: 15th January 2019

Submit your abstract to


Maximum number of words allowed is 500. In addition, the corresponding author should provide a short biography (maximum 200 words) and his/her photo when submitting the abstract. These will be used in production of the abstract book, if successful.

“FREE” registration for those whose abstracts will be accepted for presentation at ICH4!
*All participants and speakers are responsible for their own food and drinks as well as accommodation and transport arrangements.